Published: 28th Jan 2020

Glasgow City Council has approved a partnership strategy with Govan Housing Association to improve the condition of existing homes.  As part of this partnership, the council has said that they will improve the condition of 76,000 pre-1919 homes, focusing on homes in the Ibrox and Cessnock areas. The council has already begun investigating these homes, with many declared as dangerous with recognised work and improvements needed. Through the partnership, a number of objectives have been agreed: Tackle disrepair within the pre-1919 tenement stock Create a programme of preventative maintenance by eliminating poor private landlord practice Bringing empty homes and abandoned ground floor shops back into use for social housing Address environmental issues The council will use compulsory purchase orders (CPO) to acquire some of the properties, transferring ownership to Govan Housing Association. They will also use the CPO to target empty homes in order to bring them back into use. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)