Published: 22nd May 2019

Credit: Gateshead Council Homes England has agreed a £1.8m funding deal with Gateshead Council to go towards a major housing development. The £1.8m funding will support the development of Clasper Village, a 12 acre brownfield site to the west of Gateshead town centre which the council hopes can be used to broaden Gateshead’s range of housing. The funding has been awarded through the government’s £450m Local Authority Accelerated Construction Programme. Gateshead council’s chief executive, Sheena Ramsey, said: ‘Delivering the homes Gateshead needs is a crucial element of our plan to make the borough a place where everyone thrives. ‘We’re thrilled that this funding means work can move forward rapidly at our Clasper Village site to provide homes for hundreds of families.’ Gateshead Council has already invested significantly in the Clasper Village site, including funding the cost of the site’s demolition. The funding provided from the LAAC … (To read the full article, subscribe below)