Published: 30th Jan 2014

Garden cities are back on the political and social agenda. Barely a day goes past without Boris Johnson, Nick Clegg, David Cameron or Ed Miliband talking about them. Lord Wolfson has got in on the act by launching a competition to build a new garden city in England. The prize of £250,000 is enough to properly kickstart a new social garden city movement. We are in an interesting place as there is general political consensus around the need to build new towns and settlements to address the housing and population growth. The argument that new homes are desperately needed in the country is being won and it is becoming clear that in-fill and bolt-on estates are not going to be enough to deal with the growing and backlog demand for homes. According to a recent report published by the Building and Social Housing Federation (BSHF), the population of England is … (To read the full article, subscribe below)