As we look to a future of robotics and artificial intelligence, government needs to rethink its role, says Paul Webster. It’s a given to say everyone in the economic development profession is focused on delivering prosperity for their region. For local government, as the main vehicle for economic prosperity, success is measured via the creation of local jobs and efficient local expenditure and provision of services which, in turn, creates revenue for the council. However, there is a tension in local government – that creating jobs is seen as the greatest need over winning and attracting new businesses to their area. Amazon Web Services may set up a data warehouse in the local area that will, in itself, require fewer than 40 direct staff to operate. But the bigger picture is that you have the world’s biggest cloud computing company investing over £100m on your doorstep, which has a knock-on effect during construction and through its ongoing supply chain. Yet councils and many local … (To read the full article, subscribe below)