Published: 25th Nov 2019

A new ‘floating’ modular home built on water has been designed as a response to climate change and the affordable housing crisis. Architects Grimshaw and Dutch manufacturing specialists Concrete Valley are behind the plans and say the concept is ‘free of the constraints of land-based construction’ and resilient to the threat of flooding from rising sea-levels. The ‘Modular Water Dwellings’ can be orientated in different ways, depending on the location and they also maximise the use of durable and non-corroding materials, such as concrete and glass, ensuring a long design life that anticipates multiple occupants. Concrete Valley’s factory is situated on a main industrial waterway in the Netherlands, allowing the homes to be transported whole along the water, removing the need for site assembly and reducing the embodied energy of construction, minimising waste, with materials easily recycled, and reduces environmental impact. The homes use energy provided by solar roof panels … (To read the full article, subscribe below)