Published: 19th Mar 2018

When Holloway Prison was put up for sale in 2015 the local community saw it as an opportunity to mobilise and fight for affordable housing, as Thomas Barrett reports. When George Osborne announced the closure of Holloway Prison in 2015 as part of his £1.6bn prison rebuilding programme, it was met with shock in the local community. ‘It seemed that they saw a way they could get income in for their prison rebuilding programme from a high-value land site in the centre of London, where there is lots of development and speculation going on,’ says Will McMahon, head of the Community Plan for Holloway. The idea behind the prison rebuilding programme was to close down out-of-date and ‘not fit for purpose’ facilities, yet Holloway was rebuilt as recently as 1985. The Ministry of Justice was receiving bids on the site until November 2017,  and a decision on a preferred bidder … (To read the full article, subscribe below)