Published: 25th Mar 2021

London has received £7bn more in emergency government support than the North East and North West combined, according to a new report. The report by Centre for Progressive Policy claims ‘poorly targeted recovery policies’ have benefitted the capital far more than other parts of the country. In particular, it claims government support for London has been £7bn higher than the North East and North West combined, despite having similar population sizes. And it estimates 6.5 million people living in deprived local authorities unlikely to be helped by the Levelling Up Fund, Towns Fund or Community Renewal Fund. The think tank has called on the government to prioritise future funding distribution by deprivation and need. An analysis of spending per head on key emergency economic measures suggests: Furlough: £1,300 per resident spent in London by comparison to £620 per resident in the North East. Self-Employment Support: £440 per resident in London by … (To read the full article, subscribe below)