Published: 17th Nov 2010

Why can some areas pull themselves up while others remain rooted in poverty? Katie Schmuecker provides some clues Some confusion and cynicism continues to surround David Cameron’s vision of the Big Society, but the aspiration for active and engaged citizens taking responsibility for their communities is an important one, which ought not be lost in the debate. These of course are not new ideas, and it must be recognised that there are already many people working tirelessly for their communities across the country. But the idea that there should be more of this is a good one, and what is more, it has an important part to play in helping to drive improvement in deprived neighbourhoods. New research from the Institute for Public Policy Research North (Ippr north) finds that while economic growth is vital for improving deprived neighbourhoods, alone it is not sufficient. Looking back over the period of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)