Published: 28th Feb 2012

A new study underlines the environmental, economic and social benefits delivered by renewable energy schemes. It’s a ‘triple bottom line’ we must exploit, say Paul O’Brien and Neil McInroy The environmental benefits of renewable energy projects are well recognised, but new research provides evidence that they can also be financially viable, create jobs and stimulate local economies. The Association for Public Service Excellence (Apse) commissioned the Centre for Local Economic Strategies to examine renewable energy schemes from an economic development perspective, which had not been considered in previous studies. Our report, Powerful Impacts: Exploring the economic and social benefits of renewable energy schemes, shows that renewable energy schemes can save money on fuel bills, help meet carbon reduction targets and generate income. Importantly, it also shows how forward thinking councils have used renewable energy as a catalyst to stimulate employment, training, skills and supply chains locally. The research uses specifically … (To read the full article, subscribe below)