Published: 28th Apr 2011

When the Tories introduced the localism bill it was supposedly going to lead to a new era for local democracy which would in effect hand power back to local communities. Even some of my colleagues (not in the Conservative Party) on the LGA were hopeful that we might see some significant change. We now know that the guise of localism has been stolen for a set of proposals that are fundamentally anti democratic and whilst there have been many criticisms of the coalition’s policies in terms of cutbacks to services and unnecessary bureaucracy I also have a belief that there is an insidious thread running through the government’s policies. At their heart is a philosophy that actually denies democratic accountability and if we look, for example, at the education and NHS reforms we see that they have much in common. They are ostensibly about re-empowering the professionals, and in the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)