Published: 27th Apr 2011

In my last blog I suggested Eric Pickles interventions around how councils are handling cuts with the VCS was as much use as a ‘chocolate teapot’ – something that has been confirmed since by a number of elected officers I know! Now he has gone further and issued guidance. Another distraction I fear, we are consulted on a couple of paragraphs that have their own get out clauses in them whilst at the same time the guidance on the Duty to Involve is cleared with the stroke of a pen/taps on a keyboard. I just worry about the contradictions and the potential for the VCS to take its eye off the ball. Firstly, and possibly the most petty, is that once again the government preaches about 12 weeks and issues a consultation for nine weeks. We had excuses over the consultation on procurement over Christmas because it needed to be … (To read the full article, subscribe below)