Published: 30th Mar 2009

A rascal comes of age This week the new duty to involve comes into force, while the duties to promote democracy and for councils to respond to petitions are being considered in the Local Democracy Bill which is making its way through parliament. All this a mere 714 years after Edward I ‘invited two knights from every county and two residents from each town to meet with the Great Council to consent to new taxes.’ Well well, notions of empowerment and engagement appear to have come of age, like a ne’er-do-well rascal now considered mature enough to have a conversation with his olders and betters. And all around, the silent conversations of the digital age are accumulating – not behind the backs of those in power, but as if in full view, with or without them. Yup it’s the year of digital engagement alright. There are events to help local authorities … (To read the full article, subscribe below)