Published: 9th Feb 2012

I was struck by @mcinroy’s blog last week on pre-distribution, and the role that it could play in tackling poverty and inequality, even in places where growth is difficult. For me, what we do about places that find growth difficult is a key issue for UK regeneration and economic development, and the focus for my PhD. Currently, the UK has no plan, no strategy and no ideas about how policy should support places where economic growth can be difficult, and sometimes darn-near impossible, other than to say that they should try and grow. There has been some murmuring about managed decline – or ‘smartdecline’ as I’ve also heard it described – and certainly there is a lot of interesting commentary on this from the shrinking cities debate which New Start commented on recently. I’ve also been reading some work this week on depopulation in Japan, which suggests that some regions … (To read the full article, subscribe below)