Published: 6th Mar 2017

The final report from the Inclusive Growth Commission is launched this week. David Boyle, a member of the Commission’s team, calls it a game-changer for economic development and regeneration Revelations in Private Eye about regeneration money going via offshore companies – many of the companies which redeveloped London’s Elephant & Castle were registered in Jersey, the Isle of Man and the British Virgin Isles – throws a spotlight on whether public money is being used in a way that has any chance of spreading prosperity. It goes to the heart of the basic problem of inclusive growth, which is this: when economic efficiency is defined too narrowly, then prosperity stays narrow too, as it has done now for some decades – it is the long tail of de-industrialisation. Inclusive growth is defined by Stephanie Flanders’ Inclusive Growth Commission, which reports this week, as broad-based growth that enables the widest range … (To read the full article, subscribe below)