Published: 9th Jan 2018

Imandeep Kaur, Dan Zastawny and Andy Reeve are co-founders of Impact Hub Birmingham and featured in Grant Thornton’s Faces of the Vibrant Economy 2017. Here they talk about helping big business play a deeper role in communities Impact Hub in Birmingham is leading the way in finding solutions to complex problems through citizen led economic regeneration. With more than 80 hubs and in excess of 15,000 members, the Vienna-based Impact Hub network is making a name for itself in terms of trade and local regeneration. Each hub works on a franchise model, is locally founded and owned, and works to grow innovation, collaboration and economic growth in its respective area. Impact Hub Birmingham, which was set up in the UK’s second city with the help of local crowdfunders, has a more focused and ambitious vision than most and has been growing a movement based on citizen-led, systems-level change. The Midlands Hub (there are four others … (To read the full article, subscribe below)