Published: 13th Jun 2011

Are we expecting too much from local enterprise partnerships? Sarah Longlands and Austin Macauley examine what it will take for them to translate political rhetoric into reality. Some people are wondering whether they’re local, about enterprise or even partnerships.’ Patrick McVeigh senses there’s a certain amount of cynicism about local enterprise partnerships around the country. Speaking at an Enterprise Partnerships Forum discussion in Manchester this month, the MD of Shared Intelligence says that even at this early stage in their development, a gap is emerging between political rhetoric about LEPs and the reality on the ground. The feeling among participants could be summed up in one question: exactly how can LEPs deliver with no resources, power or mandate? But, as anyone who’s worked with LEPs will tell you, you really can’t generalise about them. For some, says Mr McVeigh, historical funding and established networks have allowed them to hit the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)