Published: 16th Feb 2011

Near and far away. Orkney is far away. It feels remote when you are there. Some neighbourhoods seem far away in some cities. Remote-ness isn’t always about distance. Post-industrial change, and the effects of the ongoing recession have created a legacy where the narrative of many places is far away from growth, and private sector growth in particular. From a distance, it is easy to think that nothing important happens in these places. They are there, but for some, are kind of not important. I have a colleague who says his job is to work with local authorities to enable extraordinary things to happen everyday. He provides support to education authorities on the way in which their estates can help deliver the learning curriculum. This is about the interface of the built environment, learners, teachers, the community, the curriculum and institutions. The intent is to enable life long learners, active … (To read the full article, subscribe below)