Published: 10th Oct 2011

Timebanking has gained traction and won many plaudits in the last decade. But can it move into the mainstream? Clare Goff reports Timebanking has been taken to new levels in Wales where Creation Development Trust has established it as common currency in Blaengarw, a village in the South Wales Valleys. ‘This is what localism looks like,’ says Sam Hopley, chief executive of Timebanking UK mid-way through the organisation’s bi-annual conference in Nottingham. A gathering of almost 100 timebanking practitioners, delegates ranging from time brokers involved in facilitating the person-to-person exchange for which timebanking is most known, to the entrepreneurs and co-producers of public services who are leading the way towards where, perhaps, timebanking is heading. Steering the way through these two paths is Hopley, who has headed up the organisation for the last six months. Since taking up the role he has been touring the country … (To read the full article, subscribe below)