Published: 15th Mar 2018

An innovative ‘housing first’ model to tackle homelessness has been recommended. A report published by David Goldie of The Highland Council states that traditional models of homelessness services usually involve moving people through different temporary accommodation until they are considered to be ‘ready’ to take up a tenancy. Once in a mainstream tenancy, these people will often receive only short-term housing support. This mainstream approach has been criticised for giving vulnerable people instability, making it harder for them to address their needs and creating a ‘snakes and ladders’ pathway to independent living. The method proposed means people in need can be moved immediately into a tenancy while still being able to access support, bypassing the stages of temporary accommodation. The housing first model is based on the premises that ‘housing is a basic human right, not a reward for clinical success’, and ‘once the chaos of homelessness is eliminated from … (To read the full article, subscribe below)