Published: 13th Sep 2018

Cash-strapped councils are being forced to cut spending on key services to meet rising costs and demands, according to a new study. The study A Quiet Crisis: Local Government Spending on Disadvantage, by the New Policy Institute (NPI) for Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales warn scouncils have been forced to drastically cut funding on preventive services, particularly on homeless, which will create higher costs for local authorities further down the line. In particularly, the report found that preventive funding to help people stay in their homes has fallen 46% since 2011/12, while the costs of temporary accommodation for those who have become homeless, has risen by 58%. Similarly, to meet the costs of rising numbers of children going into care, councils are having to cut spending on the very services which could keep children out of care in the first place. Without such preventive services councils, the report … (To read the full article, subscribe below)