Published: 15th May 2012

The communities and local government committee is conducting an inquiry into the role of councillors in their communities but you could be forgiven for not having noticed. The closing date for submissions is coming up apace (23 May) and one wonders how many people outside the rather specialised bubble of local government commentators, representative organisations, academics and think tanks will make the effort to respond. Indeed, how many economic development practitioners and regeneration experts will see this inquiry as significant to their interests? I’d hazard a wild guess that the answer is ‘not many’. I’d also suggest that this is understandable but regrettable. If there really is to be economic development with a social face, as many people on this blog have been suggesting, then the role of councillors in achieving it should be crucial. If that is to happen in practice then clearly a good deal depends on how … (To read the full article, subscribe below)