Published: 15th Jan 2020

South Cambridgeshire District Council has claimed it is ahead of schedule with plans to generate at least 25% of the money spent on local services from their own investments by March 2024. According to the council’s 2020/21 budget papers, the local authority is expecting to generate more than £3.5 million from investments in the next financial year, which will help offset cuts to their funding by central government. Last year, councillors said that by the end of March 2024 investments would return an income of just over £5 million a year and they now believe they are ahead of schedule to meet that target. The council’s income from investments is from its property company Ermine Street Housing and business premises recently purchased on Cambridge Science Park and the Colmworth Trade Park in St Neots. The council’s budget also proposes to invest a further £200,000 in increasing support for local businesses … (To read the full article, subscribe below)