Published: 15th Apr 2019

A soon-to-be demolished housing estate in Hull hosted its second ‘graffiti jam’, which attracted over 100 artists from across the country to spray paint 22 homes. Homes awaiting demolition have previously been a magnet for trouble in the area, but a recent research study undertaken by Humberside Fore and Rescue Service revealed a huge decline in anti-social behaviour and arson in the area, with young people now proud of the unique art gallery on their doorstep, which was organised by Bankside Gallery in London. The council homes awaiting demolition will make way for new build houses as the final phase of the Preston Road Area redevelopment which is part of Hull City Council’s city-wide housing regeneration programme. The council’s assistant director for Neighbourhoods and Housing Dave Richmond said: ‘The graffiti artists have transformed the area into a vibrant and colourful community art gallery which local people are proud to have … (To read the full article, subscribe below)