Published: 25th Feb 2020

The University of Wolverhampton has been awarded £36,000 to help train members of the community to improve their neighbourhoods.  The funding will be used to help train a diverse group of researchers in Whitmore Reans who will then carry out community-based research which will influence improvements to their own neighbourhoods. The researchers will be able to choose specific issues to focus on, for example, housing quality, the environment, community venues, traffic and crime. The aim of the project is to involve members of the community who would perhaps not normally engage with research and innovation. Around 12 researchers will be trained throughout March at the Newhampton Arts centre by experts from the University’s Institute for Community Research and Development (ICDR) and then the researchers will begin their own mini-research project in their neighbourhood. The project is one of 53 others across the UK that have received funding from the UK … (To read the full article, subscribe below)