Published: 16th Jul 2014

Across the UK, communities and neighbourhoods remain severely affected by decades of low economic activity – places where enterprises are few, debts high, youngsters are Neet, and families are trapped in a low pay/no pay spiral. Their economic malaise is echoed in a host of other problems – poor health, mental illness, substance abuse, gang culture, dissatisfaction and disaffection which have the combined effect of pulling communities apart – in effect eroding the glue that binds communities together and that enables them to exert control of their localities and realize their aspirations. These communities are trapped in a vicious negative economic cycle – one of low disposable income, poor circulation of money within the community, sub-optimally co-ordinated and targeted financial services, and negative inward investment.  This starves initiative of potential markets and insulates the community from improving economic activity and wellbeing, even when the tide rises around them. Yet there … (To read the full article, subscribe below)