Published: 18th Oct 2011

David Cameron reckons Dan Thompson is exactly the sort of person that can help make Britain great again. Austin Macauley meets the man behind #riotcleanup He’s founder of an organisation that has ‘revolutionary’ in its title and describes himself as an anarcho-capitalist. On the face of it, Dan Thompson probably isn’t the kind of guy you expect David Cameron to be holding up as an example to us all. The prime minister was rallying the troops at the Conservative Party conference earlier this month around the theme of leadership and the spirit needed to revive the UK’s fortunes when said: ‘Dan Thompson watched the riots unfold on television. But he didn’t sit there and say “the council will clean it up”. He got on the internet. He sent out a call. And with others, he started a social movement. People picked up their brooms and reclaimed their streets.’ It’s the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)