Published: 22nd Feb 2011

Co-operators in the US recently faced a moral dilemma over the proposed changes in health insurance. After spending years arguing for the role that co-operatives could play in solving the issue, they woke to find that the US Government was launching a “CO-OP” program. But, far from being a triumph, CO-OP now stood for Consumer Owned and Oriented Plans. Where the hyphen comes from, which isn’t usually used by US coops, is a mystery. What was clear was that a whole range of healthcare providers would be able to ply their trade under this CO-OP banner. The National Co-operative Business Association was left in the strange position of having to argue for including coops, but also asking pointing out that the name could lead to a wide range of problems as other jumped on a $6bn bandwagon. It isn’t only the other side of the Atlantic that has these issues. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)