Land: the elephant in the room By Pat Conaty, research associate at Co-ops UK By 2028 the UK population will increase by 7 million. But where will they find a home in a land with already 1.7 million households on the housing waiting list and over half a million living in overcrowded homes? The absurdity of our economy is self-evident, with housing earning more than people in many regions. Letchworth Garden City recently held a second one-day event to discuss the urban crisis. Those attending included experts working on community economic development, community land trusts, co-operative housing, community food, energy and finance. What the Letchworth debates agreed is that the land question is the elephant in the room. Few are aware that a mere 36,000 people (0.06% of the population) own about half the land in Britain. Practical land reform is crucial to solving the urban crisis. In 1852, John … (To read the full article, subscribe below)