Published: 10th Aug 2018

The Real Junk Food Project has signed up to the Co-op’s new food redistribution scheme, Food Share, and is now working with nine Co-op stores across Leeds in a bid to tackle food waste. The Real Junk Food Project works with international and local partners to intercept food destined for landfill and redistribute it through a network of ‘Pay As You Feel’ sharehouses, cafes and school partnerships. They say they prevent more than one million kilograms of edible food from going into landfill annually which can help feed 44,000 people. Co-ops initiative, which launched in April, takes products off sale earlier on the day of expiry, enabling charities to collect a wider range of fresh food and baked goods within their use-by and best-before dates. The Real Junk Food Project will then redistribute the produce through its network of ‘Pay As You Feel’ sharehouses, cafes and local partnerships. Co-op area manager, Joe Scoot, said: ‘We’re … (To read the full article, subscribe below)