Published: 29th Mar 2021

Technology company CitizenLab is launching an open source version of its community engagement software, in an effort to equip smaller organisations and communities. The open-source code will be available from 31 March on GitHub, enabling civic organisations to deploy and run their own virtual consultation projects, for free. The platform provides governments, local authorities, and membership organisations with a ‘digital democracy toolbox’. This enables them to enrich community meetings with virtual discussion forums, organise votes on suggested policy changes, or gather new ideas through surveying tools. The civic engagement tools have been developed through a recognition of the need to improve outdated bureaucratic processes with innovative technology, increasing transparency and political participation. The open source software will be available through an AGPLv3 license, as demand for open software continues to grow amongst local governments. This will allow for the features to be made fully accessible and replicable, enabling organisations to deploy … (To read the full article, subscribe below)