Published: 18th Dec 2014

You might have visited your local church, attended your child’s nativity play or even visited a local appliance shop using hoovers to recreate the birth of Christ. Have you ever wondered what the nativity story would be like if it took place today? Let’s break this down. If a couple of homeless immigrants with a new born son came knocking on your door, would you let them in? Even if the effects of the economic crisis have encouraged people to reconsider their views on who might be affected by poverty, many people have harsh attitudes towards the homeless, as demonstrated by St Mungo’s ‘street stories’: ‘You’re just unseen aren’t you? People don’t see you, you’re invisible. You’re just f’ing invisible and people treat you like that because they want to’ is what Mary and Joseph might have said… When it comes to their status in Bethlehem as immigrants, around 70% … (To read the full article, subscribe below)