Published: 6th Mar 2012

‘What is the spirit of community’ was the question Wendy Ellyatt found herself asking when she moved to Cheltenham from a small fishing village in Padstow eight years ago. In a bid to recreate the village community spirit within the setting of a large town, she sent leaflets to 150 of her neighbours asking if they cared about community, and if so, would they like to chat? Thus began Cheltenham Connect, a community initiative that has, through a whirlwind of activity, revived community spirit in south Cheltenham. Since June 2009 it has launched numerous local festivals and fairs, set up networking evenings for local business people, and developed a green charter for the area. Through its Connect my Street scheme – also called Greening the Bath Road – local people are working alongside the Highways Agency to help improve and develop a local high street, Bath Road. The local council … (To read the full article, subscribe below)