If we want to include citizens in local economic plans, we need to communicate differently, says Mike Hawking Inclusive growth is in vogue. It’s the focus of conversations, conferences, and commissions in economic development discussions across the country. Defining what inclusive growth looks like is at the heart of this, and often sparks lively debate. At JRF, we’ve set our stall out about what it means to us, but as was shown at our recent conference there are others who view things very differently. Discussion and debate about what inclusive growth can and should be is good. But there is a danger that in trying to define the technicalities about how to make economic growth work for everyone, we enter into a policy world which is inaccessible and full of jargon. Finding ways to talk simply and clearly about complex economic issues is a problem faced by politicians and policymakers … (To read the full article, subscribe below)


Mike Hawking is partnership manager (cities) at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation