Published: 14th Jun 2011

Reinvestment in Europe’s city centres is the key to maintaining a competitive edge, says Greg Clark Utrecht in The Netherlands is among seven cities analysed in the Urban Land Institute report, Investing in City Centres – What Creates the Upwards Cycle? City centres are a key element of Europe’s competitive advantage in an increasingly globalised world, where its cities cannot easily match those in other continents for scale or power. Europe’s historic DNA, its cultural and developmental treasures, is housed in the city centres of more than 100 cities. These centres are magnets of tourism and leisure, and they also foster the creation of knowledge and the expansion of culture. However, they must not only perform the role of museums, they need to be active business and trade hubs, as well as centres of communication, administration and government. Continuous reinvestment is therefore required in both infrastructure … (To read the full article, subscribe below)