Published: 13th Mar 2014

It may be unfair to ask housing associations to take on more of a regeneration brief. After all, it’s not as though they don’t have their own problems, as our article on housing providers taking on the brunt of welfare reform shows. As the last man standing in communities, they are dealing with the fallout of welfare changes such as the bedroom tax and universal credit. At the National Housing Federation’s Re-imagining Regeneration conference back in January, one housing association chief in a universal credit pilot area described the chaos his residents were going through since the changes were introduced, and the amount of time the organisation now devotes to supporting tenants through those changes. ‘Welfare reform is taking us away from regeneration’, he said. But precisely because there is no other compelling narrative around regeneration for our poorest communities, it is falling to social landlords to pick up the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)