Published: 9th Oct 2017

Public services are behind the curve in using online mapping to engage and understand citizens. West Berkshire and Reading councils are the first to use the technology to improve their youth employment service, as Jamie Hailstone reports. Ask anyone who works for a marketing company, and they will tell you using social media as a research tool is big business. Pictures, hashtags and even emojis are all valuable currency, particularly when you are a retailer trying to sell the latest smartphone or a politician, trying to get elected. And while using online mapping for research is commonplace among businesses, very few public sector organisations use it as an engagement tool. Earlier this month, social enterprise Projects with Purpose (PwP) announced it has hired Brighton-based communications consultancy Foco to conduct the UK’s first online mapping of youth employment issues, on behalf of West Berkshire and Reading councils, as part of the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)