Published: 19th Apr 2017

As Everton announces plans to move to a new-build stadium on the Mersey Docks, John P. Houghton – consultant (and Liverpool fan) – argues for the ‘people’s club’ to pioneer football-led community regeneration. Everton Football Club were on the front pages this week following Kelvin McKenzie’s bigoted attack on one of their homegrown young players, and the club’s subsequent decision to ban his publication from their premises. Meanwhile, a much lower-profile decision, made a few weeks earlier, has the potential to transform the fortunes of the club and the city as a whole. Everton styles itself as the ‘people’s club’ on Merseyside; more community-minded club and supported by the locals, as opposed to the commercial outfit followed by tourists and day-trippers on the other side of Stanley Park. Its intention to move to a new-build stadium on the Mersey Docks is an opportunity to add real substance to the claim. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)