Published: 12th Jun 2014

Life in the Welsh valleys can be tough for entrepreneurs and the socially-minded. Inter-generational dependency on benefits, poor educational attainment and a lack of attractive job opportunities has created an air of desperation in many communities across south east Wales. There is no doubt that social enterprise represents a significant opportunity for economic growth and job creation during these times of austerity. With the squeeze on public sector finance causing an inevitable reduction in service provision, the third sector in its widest definition has a tremendous opportunity to position itself as the first choice for delivering any number of services that would have once been the core business of the public sector. From social care to adult education and leisure provision through to libraries, well-organised social enterprises stand to benefit from the increasing level of devolved contracts issued by the public sector. Too often, however, these services are ‘spun-out’ of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)