Published: 24th Sep 2013

Over the past 50 years, continued urbanisation – 80% of the UK population now live in towns and cities – and an increasingly global but invisible food system, has created a fundamental disconnect between people and food. The resulting negative impacts on both the environment – food production, distribution, consumption and disposal are the greatest single contributor to society’s ecological footprint – and on public health – with an epidemic of diet-related ill-health and a generation growing up lacking the skills and knowledge to feed themselves healthily and sustainably  – are well documented. Significant recent investment by public and private funders – approximately £100m over the last five years – has led to an extraordinary diversity of small-scale local food initiatives across the UK and to a burgeoning public interest and involvement in healthy and sustainable food issues, succinctly captured in the 2011 Food Census Survey. For the most part, … (To read the full article, subscribe below)