Published: 23rd Oct 2011

With public sector funds pulled the government is pitching the private sector as the future of regeneration. But is it doing enough to ensure private coffers will flow and are businesses willing to make the leap towards greater responsibility? Clare Goff reports Victorian philanthropy had its flaws, as Hilda Brailsford, one of the oldest residents of Ironville, a village in Derbyshire set up and run by the local iron company, remembers. The Butterley Company may have provided housing, a school and other community facilities for their workers and their families and won acclaim for its planning, but Brailsford has no misty-eyed nostalgia for the low pay and poor housing her family suffered. But the model company village approach – particularly the likes of Port Sunlight in Merseyside and Bournville in Birmingham – still shine as examples of, albeit paternalistic, private sector involvement in local economies and social issues. One hundred … (To read the full article, subscribe below)