Published: 11th Jan 2018

New guidelines have been published today to show developers how to build greener homes. The guidelines, published by the Wildlife Trusts, aim to show how new developments can be built in a ‘nature-friendly way’. More ‘nature-friendly’ homes will benefit local wildlife as well as create healthier and happier communities, putting less pressure on health and social services, the guidelines say. They recommend that new housing is located in areas already well served by infrastructure and that they should avoid harm to the existing environmental assets of an area. And new housing should be targeted at places where it can have a ‘positive environmental impact’. The guidelines recommend developers use an up-to-date and well-informed ecological network map to identify existing natural features and habitats, alongside areas where new habitats are needed to restore ecosystems and help wildlife recover. It states that new housing developments and houses themselves should be designed to … (To read the full article, subscribe below)