Published: 23rd Mar 2012

‘Now’t round here. This town is going down the tubes’. So said an elderly participant in a focus group I conducted this week. We weren’t talking about granny tax or even the Budget, but exploring the future of places and neighbourhoods in a northern town. The Budget undoubtedly has some good things for the already winning local places and economies, but scant help to those which are losing. It’s a Budget which will accelerate regional and local economic division. Beyond the detail, Budgets are an opportunity for the government to reveal, the economic direction of travel, and give us an idea of how they see the challenges of the day and the future. So faced with a economic uncertainty (what will happen in Eurozone?) and a global set of significant social and environmental challenges, many of us want to know where are we going as a country in a carbon … (To read the full article, subscribe below)