Published: 23rd Apr 2018

Social Enterprise UK has called on British firms to spend £1 billion with social enterprises after a new report revealed they had spent £45 million in the last two years. The report examines the impact of Social Enterprise UK’s Buy Social Corporate Challenge, which calls on UK firms to use their spending power to help social enterprises change lives in marginalised communities. According to the report, in the two years since the challenge was first launched, companies have spent a total of £45m with social enterprises, which has led to creation of 329 jobs. And as part of the challenge, social enterprises have been able to reinvest £2.9m profit into their own social missions. Social enterprises benefitting from the challenge include the IT consultancy Auticon, which exclusively employs people on the autism spectrum and Change Please, a coffee supplier, which creates sustainable jobs for the homeless. Commenting on the business … (To read the full article, subscribe below)