Published: 8th Aug 2012

The Made in Stirling shop in Stirling city centre Using empty shops as the platform for local entrepreneurs to test their ideas, Start Up Street Stirling is re-invigorating its town centre from within, as Diarmaid Lawlor reports Finally, the sign went up. It was real. ‘Made in Stirling’, the first shop delivered as a collaboration between Start Up Street and the Stirling Creative Industries Forum, was ready. Inside, the shop is stocked with the products of people who live in the area. Handmade art, graphic design services, fashion, and pieces of sculpture rest on the shelves. Nearly twenty creatives will exhibit or sell from the shop. Their presence visualises a talent in a city, a city whose story is often hard to see at first: a lot is hidden. The shop sign does more than announce a shop. It confirms the presence of action for change. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)