Published: 26th Feb 2020

New Start recently visited Roundabout, a youth homeless charity in Sheffield working to help people out of the cycle of addiction and into secure housing. Preparing a spice joint. Roundabout has been operating in the city for over 40 years and they’ve seen trends in street drug use come and go. But the rise of spice over the past few years has shocked even the most experienced staff at the charity. Smoked like a cannabis joint or via a pipe, it’s cheap, potent and incredibly effective at blocking out the underlying trauma that many of Sheffield’s homeless have experienced. And according to Roundabout support workers Debbie and Paul, as young people get into the cycle of addiction, all the things that come with using drugs and being on the streets becomes another trauma, adding to the cycle. ‘Spice takes away the memories and the pain, the feeling of not feeling loved … (To read the full article, subscribe below)