Published: 5th Feb 2015

The Whitehall Effect chronicles government mismanagement and makes a case for a new person-centred approach to public services, says Rob Foster ‘We need a new paradigm that puts the citizen/customer first, drives value into the lives of recipients, and costs less, not just because we have cut costs but because we have improved value. This is the challenge behind what needs to be our 21st century vision for services-to-the-public.’ This quote, taken from Lord Adebowale’s foreword to The Whitehall Effect and quoted on the back cover of John Seddon’s latest book, boldly sets out the scope and ambition contained in the text. Seddon traces the recent history of public sector reform programmes introduced by government, from the Thatcher administration onwards, and the resulting industrialisation of public services. In doing so, he skewers notorious examples of mismanagement (universal credit, Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust etc) and deconstructs the narratives promoted by … (To read the full article, subscribe below)