Published: 21st Dec 2011

The Human Element by David Boyle Review by Neil Foster The Human Element aims to challenge assumptions to improving organisations. It is not a textbook or even a handbook but reads like the product of hundreds of different and stimulating conversations. What shines out from the first page is the author’s unflinching belief in people’s capacity to improve organisations, services and experiences for people. However, to achieve this, people have to be at the heart of design and their interests must override traditional habits or justifications on the grinding grounds of ‘efficiency’. David Boyle’s faith in humanity is unshakeable and allows him to jump from a variety of settings in a unfettered manner from Horatio Nelson’s leadership culture to school class sizes. The theme is straightforward – that human relationships are critical to any successful organisation and the challenge is to enable these to flourish. Boyle rightly challenges assumptions. He … (To read the full article, subscribe below)