Published: 17th Jan 2019

Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust (BMHT), Birmingham City Council’s house-building arm has received planning permission to install its first modular home. The council believe modular could be a solution to the growing social housing waiting list for people who require one-bed or two-bed properties. The home will be built in Heaton Street in Hockley and BMHT say they are planning to trial a 50-home offsite manufactured housing development elsewhere in the city later this year. The council has been slow to incorporate modular into its social housing stock compared with other local authorities of a similar size. In November, NewStart met Andy Reeve of DemoDev, a Birmingham-based start-up which utilises land registry data to identify small plots of council-owned land that could be used to build modular housing. He criticised the housebuilding approach taken by BMHT since it was formed in 2010, accusing them of blocking innovation in the marketplace which has slowed the growth … (To read the full article, subscribe below)