Published: 9th Oct 2018

  Big Ideas is a series where NewStart explores the cutting edge concepts that could change our economy and society. In the first instalment, we spoke to Aiden Harper from the 4DayWeek campaign about the benefits of a 4day working week, and whether or not it’s feasible. The movement has gained traction in 2018, with the TUC recently coming out in support of it and Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell saying the party are considering including it in their next manifesto. Why do you believe in the 4 day working week? We believe it would benefit our environment, our society, the individual and the economy more broadly. Within the UK there’s a crisis of overwork. The biggest cause of sick leave in the UK is work-related stress, and the biggest cause of stress is overwork. The very model of work time we have in this country is causing illness and … (To read the full article, subscribe below)