Published: 12th Apr 2012

The phrase ‘reinventing the wheel’ used to be a banker for anyone playing Conference Bingo on the regeneration events circuit. Along with the truly awful ‘blue sky thinking’ it was guaranteed to crop up at some point, usually in relation to the need to share learning and therefore avoid the aforementioned activity. Trouble is, reinventing the wheel is precisely what we will be doing if current trends continue. It’s an issue that was raised once again when New Start interviewed former neighbourhood manager Tony Walsh, now a poet by the name of Longfella. Having worked in regeneration for the best part of 20 years he was saddened to see skills and knowledge drain away from the sector as quickly as the funding. Of course, the two are entwined. But in the spirit of saving money wouldn’t it be more prudent to find some way to harness these assets? As has … (To read the full article, subscribe below)